November 3, 2022

Windows 11 Users are Complaining but Microsoft isn’t Bringing its Back this Important Taskbar Feature

Microsoft keeps making changes to how Windows 11 functions and one of the latest changes is removing the fly-out calendar from the taskbar…

Microsoft only relatlively recently abandon its Windows 10 operating system in favor of version 11. With the move to the new interface, there’s already been a number of changes, mostly the removal of long-standing features from the taskbar and other locations. Now, the software giant has stripped away the calendar fly-out from the Windows 11 taskbar.

Microsoft Removes the Calendar Fly-Out from the Windows 11 Taskbar

The Windows calendar fly-out is the pop-up panel that appears after clicking on the time/date in the system tray. So, it no longer has events integration at the bottom. This means there is no agenda available for highlighting at-a-glance events and reminders anymore. Basically, this eliminates the ability to quickly see upcoming items in one of the most convenient places within the operating system.

Additionally, Microsoft has changed the clock display, which no longer includes the number of seconds. Instead, it’s now just the hour and minute. These changes were believed to be a bug, glitch, or just a mere oversight by those testing Windows 11. However, it turns out this is indeed intentional and Microsoft has altered the facility purposefully in order to get people to use the widgets panel, where the functions still exist.

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