September 30, 2022
Microsoft Removes Windows Defender Disabling Option

Microsoft, in True Microsoft Fashion, is Forcing Windows 10 Customers to Use its Proprietary Antivirus Software

Microsoft has taken away the ability for Windows 10 users to turn off its proprietary antivirus program, Microsoft Defender…

For quite some time now, it’s been possible to disable Windows’ built-in antivirus tool, Microsoft Defender (previously known as Windows Defender). But that’s changed recently as Microsoft has pulled the last known workaround from its operating system. Obviously, this has people up-in-arms because it’s yet another example of Microsoft forcing its customers to use something they might not need (or want).

Microsoft Removes Windows Defender Disabling Option

Although Microsoft Defender does a pretty good job of protecting PCs against viruses, malware, and other types of threats, there are a number of reasons people might opt to disable it. Increasingly, it’s been more and more difficult to turn off Defender, especially in Windows 10. (Even hitting pause on its real-time protection only temporarily stopped it from running, but it would automatically resume a short time later.)

Until recently, it was possible to disable Microsoft Defender through a registry trick. But, with the release of version 4.18.2007.8, that bypass is gone. However, if the program detects another, third-party antivirus software is running, Microsoft Defender will automatically turn itself off. That is, if the settings in Defender works as intended.

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