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Microsoft Boasts Upgrading 190,000 PCs to Windows 11 in 5 Weeks, but That’s Only a Fraction

Microsoft Reveals it Upgraded 190,000 PCs to Windows 11 in Five Weeks

Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft has provided internal details about its own Windows 11 rollout performance, stating its upgraded 190,000 PCs in five weeks’ time…

Microsoft has released key details about its Windows 11 launch, which occurred last year in October. The software giant states it pushed out the update over a five-week period, upgrading 190,000 PCs worldwide during that time. However, when compared to the number of machines running the Windows OS, this represents a very small fraction of units around the world. 

Microsoft Reveals it Upgraded 190,000 PCs to Windows 11 in Five Weeks

While hailing its own global Windows 11 deployment, the company falls well short of upgrading all computers relying on the operating system. For instance, estimates range from 400 million to 500 million, even as many as 1 billion. That equates 190,000 machines to just 0.00038% out of half of a billion. Even if there are 400 million, this is still 0.000475%, a mere pittance. 

Of course, millions of PCs have been upgraded to Windows 11 but that still falls substantially short. Part of the reason is Microsoft’s stringent minimum hardware requirements. For example, requiring Trusted Platform Module 2.0 chipsets that simply are not present in older PCs. Although, the software corporation said, “Over the course of five weeks, Microsoft Digital Employee Experience deployed Windows 11 to 99 percent of qualifying devices.”

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