May 20, 2022
Microsoft Shelves Windows 10X its Tentative Chrome OS Alternative

Ever Heard of Windows 10X? Well, it was Supposed to Displace Chrome OS but Microsoft Shelved It

Microsoft has reportedly put off development of its Chrome OS competitor, Windows 10X as the company renews its focus on Windows 10…

Microsoft has long been attempting to build a lighter version of its Windows operating system for over a decade. But, it’s not gone very well, to say the least. The software giant’s most recent effort, called Windows 10X, has reportedly been abandoned, in favor of improving its Windows 10 flagship. (Something it’s been fixated on for the past several months after releasing its relatively new, Chromium-powered OS.)

Microsoft Shelves Windows 10X, its Tentative Chrome OS Alternative

Windows 10X is no longer scheduled to ship this year and it will probably never be released in its current form, according to a news report by Petri. Prior to the shelving, Microsoft intended to deliver Windows 10X, a lightweight and simplified version of Windows this year. It would ostensibly debut on new dual-screen devices but that’s no longer the case as Microsoft prioritized single-screen laptops, instead.

Although Microsoft currently claims there are over 1.3 billion active Windows 10 devices across the planet, Google has taken a significant market share with Chromebooks becoming increasingly ubiquitous in schools and even businesses. However, Microsoft has enjoyed a substantial rise in Windows laptops during the pandemic.

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