October 1, 2022

Microsoft is Killing Off this Legacy Browser because It No Longer Supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ESPN, and 1,150+ Other Sites

Microsoft begins retiring Internet Explorer for good by automatically redirecting browsing sessions to its new Chromium-powered Edge browser…

It’s finally time to move onto a different browser. At least, according to Microsoft, who is now in the early process of shutting down its legacy browser, Internet Explorer. Once the most sophisticated and widely used, the portal has been long relegated to a pitiful 5 percent market share. Meanwhile, Google’s Chrome takes the largest market share, with about 67 to 68 percent. After building its own Chromium-powered Edge browser, Microsoft is pushing IE users over to its successor.

Microsoft Starts Deprecating Internet Explorer with Automatic Edge Redirects

Starting soon (and already being experienced by a significant portion of IE users), Microsoft will proactively nudge people away from its legacy portal. With recent version of Microsoft Edge, when IE lands on an incompatible site, the session will automatically launch in Edge to seamlessly continue the session. And, that’s a huge list, according to Microsoft itself, which maintains a directory of non-supported web properties.

The list is so big, it currently contains 1,156 sites that include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams (yes, even a Microsoft site), ESPN, Yahoo Mail, and many, many more. Right now, when someone attempts to open a non-supported site, it will display a message reading, “This website doesn’t work with Internet Explorer!”

That same alert will contain a prompt asking users to migrate their IE settings, data, and cookies to Microsoft Edge.

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