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Microsoft will Temporarily Stop Sending Out Non-Security Updates to Windows Users

Microsoft Suspending Non-Security Windows Updates

Credit: Softpedia

The Microsoft corporation says that it will institute an optional non-security policy for updates on supported versions of Windows and server products…

Right now, the world of IT is chaotic, to say the very least. So, in order to keep its focus where it is most needed, Microsoft states that it will allow a temporary opt-out of updates that do not involve security measures for supported versions of its Windows software, along with its server products.

Microsoft Suspending Non-Security Windows Updates

For the foreseeable future, Microsoft will not send out C and D updates, which it typically does the third and fourth week of each month. These usually include non-security improvements as well as fixes. However, the changes will not go into effect for about a month, until May. That means there will be some in the interim, with a few going out during April.

Although, Microsoft will still release its monthly security B updates as scheduled, which occur on the second Tuesday, also known in the IT industry as “Patch Tuesday.” Right now, IT professionals are waiting on two critical zero-day vulnerabilities, something Microsoft only recently made public, which hackers are currently attempting to exploit.

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