November 29, 2020
Microsoft Teams European outage lasts two hours as people start to telecommute

Microsoft Teams European Outage Lasts Two Hours as People Start to Telecommute

Microsoft’s chat and communications tool, Microsoft Teams, went dark across Europe yesterday morning for just over two hours before service was restored…

Last month, Microsoft Teams went down due to an unrenewed SSL certificate. Then, yesterday, the enterprise suite suffered an outage that lasted for more than two hours in Europe, just as users were logging onto the platform for remote work. 

Microsoft Teams European Outage Occurs

Shortly after the blackout, Microsoft issued a short statement revealing the company had “resolved an issue that may have impacted a subset of customers in Europe.” However, people continued to experience problems for some time thereafter.

For those unfamiliar, Microsoft Teams is the software company’s Slack competitor. It launched three years ago and boasts some really useful features, such as private channels and custom video chat backgrounds.

A Microsoft spokesperson explains:

“We’ve taken steps to address an issue that a subset of our customers may have experienced. Our engineering teams continue to actively monitor performance and usage trends.”

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