May 22, 2022
Microsoft Teams Pulling Support for Older Android Operating Systems

Millions of Microsoft Team Users are about to Get Hit with a Sudden, Nasty Surprise

Microsoft has quietly announced it will end support for older versions of Android that run on Microsoft Teams, starting next March…

Microsoft recently revealed its plans to stop supporting older versions of Android on its collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams. In the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, the company states it will revoke access to its productivity suite beginning next year for old Android builds. Once it begins the deprecation, Microsoft says it will not provide “active development and bug fixes.” Although, the most recent supported versions will be available via the Play Store for two months after each retirement date has passed.

Microsoft Teams Pulling Support for Older Android Operating Systems

Microsoft Teams won’t work with Android 5, starting Tuesday, March 1st of next year. Thereafter, Android 6 and Android 7 will no longer be compatible with Microsoft Teams on Friday, July 1st, and Tuesday, September 1st, respectively. This will leave millions of people without access to the digital partnership, around 360 million users. But, there’s good news. Many more people won’t be affected at all, as only 11.69% of consumers are running Android 5, 6, or 7.

Moreover, many companies keep employees’ devices up-to-date with the most recent or a relatively recent version of both Microsoft Teams and Android alike. However, even those currently on these old dated platforms will likely upgrade between now and then.

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