September 10, 2021
Windows 10 browser installation warning message

Microsoft is “Warning” its Windows 10 Users not to Install Rivals Chrome or Firefox

A Windows 10 browser installation warning message now appears when users attempt to install either Chrome or Firefox on their machines…

In a bid to expand its market share, Microsoft is “warning” its Windows 10 users not to install rivals Chrome or Firefox. This comes ahead of the Windows 10 October update and tells users Microsoft Edge is a better alternative.

Microsoft Testing Warning Message against Installing Chrome or Firefox in Marketing Push

The pop-up follows other attempts at pushing consumers toward its services. Windows already surfaces ads, a practice which has sparked backlash from users. Curiously, Microsoft isn’t highlighting Internet Explorer, its most popular browser. Instead, it’s telling users to stick with Microsoft Edge, which is its poorest performer:

“You already have Microsoft Edge – the safer, faster browser for Windows 10.”

By comparison, Edge has a 4.29 percent market share, with IE capturing 11.87 percent. However, combined, these are seriously dwarfed by Chrome, which enjoys a market share of 62 percent. Firefox claims 10.79 percent and Safari, just 3.83 percent, according to Net Market Share statistics.

Windows 10 Chrome Firefox browser installation warning message

Fortunately, Windows 10 users can turn the prompt off. But, it’s another example of Microsoft using is operating system as an advertising opportunity. Currently, there are other messages which attempt to lure Chrome and Firefox users away. And, with such a blatant marketing push, it’s quite likely such a tactic will backfire by irritating users. Here’s just one example:

Microsoft states this is just a test and it won’t appear in the Windows 10 October update.

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