August 6, 2021
Microsoft to Remove Some Windows 10 Bloatware from New Installs in an Upcoming Update

Finally, Microsoft will Pull at Least Some Bloatware from Fresh Installs of Windows 10 with an Upcoming Update

Microsoft has long-last come to the conclusion that it needs to remove some level of bloatware from Windows 10, starting with a new update…

Microsoft is a notorious purveyor of major bloatware inside its Windows operating system. Sadly, it’s been that way for many years. But soon, the software giant will changes its long-standing practice of stuffing its OS with unwanted programs. In an upcoming update to Windows 10, two previously pre-installed programs won’t be included in the newer version.

Microsoft to Remove Some Windows 10 Bloatware from New Installs in an Upcoming Update

Microsoft has announced that with its Windows 10 “Sun Valley” update, the company will not include 3D Viewer or Paint 3D either. The reason Microsoft settled on these two apps is likely due to their niche-centric appeal. Both are too specific to be of use to everyone on Windows 10, compared to others, such as other applications, like Calendar and Calculator. However, this doesn’t mean Microsoft is completely discontinuing 3D Viewer or Paint 3D. They will still be available in the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft will make many people happy with this streamlining, even as small a change as it is. After all, the less stuffed into any OS the better, because it helps to deliver a faster experience and less battery drain.

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