January 27, 2022
Microsoft Urges Outlook Users to Switch to Its Edge Browser Away from Google Chrome

Microsoft’s Shameless Self-Promotion Habit Returns, This Time, Targeting Outlook Users

Microsoft is now prompting its Outlook users to switch over to its Edge browser, in another attempt to grab more market share…

It’s certainly no secret to anyone who follows tech news that Microsoft is infamous for self-promotion. Although the software corporation remains the at the top of its industry, the same can’t be said for its internet search services. So, the company has returned to its go-to play, pushing its other products onto its existing consumers.

Microsoft Urges Outlook Users to Switch to Its Edge Browser Away from Google Chrome

Microsoft recently revamped its Edge browser, which now runs on Chromium. Though it’s been well-received by-and-large, its adoption rate probably isn’t what Microsoft hoped for. Google Chrome remains the dominate browser, with a market share that hovers around 67 to 68 percent (and has for many years), according to NetMarketShare.

In order to push up its numbers and garner a bigger share of the browser niche, Microsoft is conspicuously placing a promotional note right at the top of the Outlook.com website that reads, “Microsoft Edge + Outlook = Better together.” That sales pitch is joined by a variety of others, according to Windows Latest

This of course, isn’t by any means new. Back in February, Microsoft began advertising its Edge browser inside Windows 10. That time, it tried to convince Firefox users to switch to Edge.

Currently, Firefox claims approximately 8.5 percent of the internet browser market, while Microsoft sits at 3rd and 4th place, with almost 7 percent for IE and 6.2 percent for Edge. Safari trials at 3.6 percent, with five others making up the remainder.

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