July 4, 2022
Microsoft Urges People to Stop Using Internet Explorer and Switch Over to Edge

Microsoft Tells Anyone Who is Still Using Internet Explorer to Stop and Move Over to Edge

Microsoft is publicly telling people to switch over from Internet Explorer to Edge as the latter is the company’s future for the web…

Microsoft has made no secret of its plans to ditch Internet Explorer in favor of its Chromium-based Edge portal. In fact, the software giant set June 15th, 2022 as the end-of-life date for IE. But, there are still a substantial number of people using the legacy service, even though its days are numbered. So, the tech organization is reminding everyone to take the leap.

Microsoft Urges People to Stop Using Internet Explorer and Switch Over to Edge

Microsoft has put a considerable amount of time and effort into Edge to make it competitive with its rivals. But some remain fond of IE and continue to use it to this day. However, supporting two different browsers with similar features just isn’t sensible or feasible. In fact, IE is no longer in the top five and only takes 0.46% of browser market share. Conversely, Edge holds 4.05% (which is still relatively small compared to Chrome’s 62.78%, Safari’s 19.3%, and Firefox’s 4.2%). Microsoft wrote in a statement:

“As previously announced, the future of Internet Explorer on Windows is in Microsoft Edge. The Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) desktop application will be retired on June 15, 2022, for certain versions of Windows 10. This means that the IE11 desktop application will no longer be supported and afterward will redirect to Microsoft Edge if a user tries to access it.”

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