July 4, 2022
Microsoft Warning PC Owners Running Windows 11 about Non-Compatibility with the New Operating System

Microsoft is Now Warning PC Owners if Their Machines shouldn’t be Running Windows 11

Microsoft is beginning to warn non-compatible PC owners their hardware does not officially support running Windows 11…

Microsoft released Windows 11 in early October of last year. While a good percentage of PC owners updated in 2021, now in 2022 some are still relying on older versions of the operating system. And, there’s still a substantial percentage who did upgrade to the latest build, although their hardware doesn’t officially support running Windows 11. Even though Microsoft has allowed this to occur up until now, it appears the software corporation is in the process of forcing people to upgrade their hardware.

Microsoft Warning PC Owners Running Windows 11 about Non-Compatability with the New Operating System

Recently, some have noticed that while running Windows 11 on their not-so-compatible machines, a new warning alerting them to this disparity. It serves as a subtle reminder that their machines are not truly capable of running the most recent release of the OS and even details why. The message appears in System Settings and is imparted with the details at the top of the panel. The message lets the user know that the requirements haven’t been met by their PC, with a link to find out more about why this is the case.

This is likely the first step in Microsoft forcing people to upgrade their PCs in order to run Windows 11 without any performance issues.

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