December 9, 2021
Microsoft will Start Warning Windows 7 Users to Upgrade their OS

Microsoft will Literally Take Over Windows 7 Users’ Screens in Order to Force them into Upgrading, Starting January 15th

People who are still using Windows 7 on their PCs will soon see large-screen pop-ups, warning them to upgrade their OS…

Microsoft is about to bombard Windows 7 users with full screen pop-up warnings about losing technical support and vital security updates, if they don’t upgrade to newer versions.

Microsoft will Start Warning Windows 7 Users to Upgrade their OS

Beginning January 15th, the very next day after current Windows 7 updates and support ends, Microsoft will display full-screen pop-ups that tell users their system is now out-of-date.

Through the entire year and into the first weeks of January, the software company has been and will continue to show small notifications about the upcoming end of support. This will be replaced on the 15th of January by a full-screen prompt that will remain until users interact with the message.

It will warn that “your Windows 7 PC is out of support,” and caution PCs are “more vulnerable to viruses and malware.” Users have three options: dismiss the message, by choosing to remind them later, learn more, or don’t remind again.

Of course, Microsoft is promoting Windows 10 as the best upgrade choice. Earlier this year, Windows 10 surpassed Windows 7 in market share. And, Windows 10 is on-track to hit 1 billion devices next year.

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