July 4, 2022
Microsoft Windows 10 20H2 Support Officially Ends May 10th 2022

Microsoft May soon Force Windows 10 Users to Upgrade

Microsoft will officially end support for Windows 10 version 20H2 on Tuesday, May 10th, meaning it and older versions will reach their end of life…

Microsoft is on schedule to retire support for certain builds of Windows 10. The end of support for older versions of the operating system will officially arrive on Tuesday, May 10th of this year. Thereafter, anyone running older iterations of the software will no longer receive critical security and support updates. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean those users will have to upgrade to Windows 11.

Microsoft Windows 10 20H2 Support Officially Ends May 10th, 2022

In about two months, when the support window closes, anyone running Windows 10, version 20H2 or older will either have to risk using outdated builds or upgrade to newer versions. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean having to switch over to Windows 11. Microsoft still offers other iterations of Windows 10 that are newer and therefore continue to receive security and other updates.

Of course, those versions will also reach their end-of-life dates in the not too distant future. So, it might be worthwhile to make the jump over to Windows 11 and get all the newest bells and whistles. For those who aren’t ready for the change, there’s still a little bit of time to stick with Windows 10.

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