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Microsoft Now Lets Windows 10 Users Play with Android Apps on Desktop Devices

Microsoft Windows 10 Android apps

A new Microsoft Windows 10 Android apps test allows users to run mobile functions on big screens in a beta version release…

The Microsoft Your Phone app for Windows 10 is getting a new tool this week. Android device owners can now mirror their phones to PCs, at least, for Windows Insiders.

It requires the latest test version of Windows 10, along with the most fresh iteration of the Your Phone app. Plus, it’s currently limited to Samsung’s Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, S9, and S9 Plus. Microsoft says it will bring the functionality to more devices in the future.

Microsoft Windows 10 Android Apps Beta Feature Test Introduced

For those with access, this allows them to use Android apps on Windows 10 devices but the function performance isn’t yet known.

Right now, Microsoft is working on making Bluetooth with Low Energy Peripheral mode a requirement for PCs.

Screen mirroring is a clever way to bring Android apps to Windows. However, whether the public at-large will embrace the technology remains to be seen.

After all, we’ve already experienced the growing pains of bringing mobile apps to desktop machines and laptops alike through Chrome OS. Thus far, the results are mixed, to say the least. Some function rather well. While others do not perform well at all. It’s the proverbial watching the sausage being made in real-time.

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