February 26, 2021
Windows 10 Chrome Firefox browser installation warning message

Microsoft Backtracks on Chrome, Firefox Rival Browsers Installation ‘Warning’

The now infamous Windows 10 Chrome Firefox browser installation warning message, will no longer pop up in the next upcoming previews…

The Microsoft corporation began testing a warning on Windows 10 against installing rival browsers Chrome and Firefox last week. When users attempted to install either web browser, a message reading “You already have Microsoft Edge – the safer, faster browser for Windows 10” surfaced. Now, the company will no longer display the so-called warning in the upcoming Windows 10 October update. However, this doesn’t mean the software behemoth won’t use these types of prompts in future updates.

Microsoft Windows 10 Chrome, Firefox Browser Installation Warning Test Ended

The warning message attempted to convince Windows 10 users to forgo Chrome and Firefox in favor of the built-in Edge browser. But, users complained of the shameless marketing tactic. Microsoft has done this before. When users switched default browsers on Windows 10, it displayed a prompt to stick with Edge. Similarly, Chrome users received messages that the Google browser is “draining your battery fast.”

Moreover, the company attempted to make Windows 10 Mail users to stay with Edge for all email links, ignoring any other browser users set to default in the operating system. 

Windows already surfaces ads, a practice which has sparked backlash from users. Curiously, Microsoft didn’t highlight Internet Explorer, its most popular browser. Instead, it told users to stick with Microsoft Edge, its poorest performer. (IE has a market share of 11.87 percent and Edge 4.29 percent.) By comparison, Chrome enjoys a market share of 62 percent. Firefox claims 10.79 percent and Safari, 3.83 percent, according to Net Market Share statistics.

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