October 19, 2021
Microsoft Windows 10 Cortana app

Microsoft Introduces its New Cortana App for Windows 10

Software giant Microsoft has released its Cortana digital assistant app for Windows 10, after months of pulling it from various locations…

For some time now, Microsoft has been removing its Cortana app from a number of locations. It pulled it from the Windows Search Bar a few months ago, and just recently removed it from the XBox One.

Microsoft Windows 10 Cortana App Unveiled

Now, Microsoft has tweaked how the digital assistant works on Windows 10. The company is testing a new chat-based user interface for the platform. It comes in the form of a new beta release and is accessible to testers.

The latest iteration of Cortana for Windows 10 supports both text and voice queries. So, it’s intended to have a more conversational component.

Additionally, it can handle search queries, assistant conversations, open other apps, manage lists, as well as perform routine tasks such as setting reminders, alarms, and timers.

Dona Sarkar, Microsoft’s Windows Insider chief, writes the following:

“Not all the features from the previous Cortana experience are available just yet. As a Beta, we plan to add more features over time with updates to Cortana from the Microsoft Store.”

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