September 30, 2022
Microsoft Windows 10 Preview only Features Edge and Totally Ditches Internet Explorer

Microsoft Puts another Nail in the Coffin of Internet Explorer by Leaving the Browser Out of the Latest Windows 10 Preview

Microsoft is no longer including Internet Explorer when shipping new versions of Windows 10 and now relies solely on its Edge browser…

Microsoft is moving on from its legacy web portal, Internet Explorer in fast fashion. This, after revealing its end of support date of June 15th, 2022. While that’s the final sunset schedule, the software giant is removing just about any remnant of browser. This time, it’s no longer included in the most recent experimental build of Windows 10. Instead, the operating system ships with just the company’s Edge browser.

Microsoft Windows 10 Preview only Features Edge and Totally Ditches Internet Explorer

Prior to it’s next-year end date, Microsoft’s online services will cease supporting the IE browser as of August 17, 2021. This marks the end of a quarter century run with over twenty-five years on the market. Microsoft plans to put its prowess behind its revamped Chromium-powered Edge browser, which enjoyed a brief spike in popularity, but apparently only as the shut down of IE and legacy Edge began.

It makes sense for Microsoft to move on from Internet Explorer, a browser that’s not even in the top six in the web portal market. Presently, Chrome maintains its long-standing lead, with 64.47% market share, Safari runs second at 18.69% market share, and Firefox takes third with 3.59% of browser market share. (Meanwhile, Edge comes in fourth with 3.39% and Samsung Internet fifth with 3.3% and Opera rounds out the top five with a 2.22% market share.

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