October 1, 2022
Microsoft Windows 10 Sun Valley UI Refresh Coming in 2021

Microsoft is Reportedly Working on a Windows 10 UI Remake Code Named ‘Sun Valley’ for 2021 Release

Microsoft is developing an entire new look for Windows 10, under a project code named ‘Sun Valley,’ slated for debut next year…

A major revamp is reportedly underway for Windows 10, according to the folks over at Windows Central. The project is called “Sun Valley” and will go live with the H2 2021 feature update. (That indicates it’s not a minor change, unlike the current and previous H2 updates for Windows 10.) Ostensibly, the makeover will touch just about every single major element. However, being early on in the process, that could change.

Microsoft Windows 10 Sun Valley UI Refresh Coming in 2021

Sources say that it will introduce an overhauled Start menu, as well as a new Action Center. Plus, it will re-imagine File Explorer, which most definitely needs modernization. Purportedly, the revamp will include a refinement of Fluent Design (which Microsoft still might refer to as the same name). Furthermore, the remake will update the Windows 10 taskbar with more up-to-date code. It’s also possible tablet users will receive a more seamless and better experience, including improved animations.

Another thing that’s expected might be a dark mode, giving the UI a more consistent look and modern. Should any of these changes come to fruition, we’ll start to see them in preview versions of Windows 10, perhaps early next year.

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