December 6, 2021
Microsoft Windows 11 might Not be Compatible with Some Older PC Models

Older Windows PC Owners might Experience a Very Unpleasant Surprise in October when Microsoft Releases its Next Big OS

Microsoft has revealed that not all Windows PCs will be able to run Windows 11 when it arrives in October, but there might be a workaround…

Microsoft is expected to release Windows 11 in October. The software corporation has already paused all Windows 10 updates. Plus, the company continues to tweak its Edge browser, making it more difficult to switch over to a new default web portal. Now, the manufacturer of Windows has revealed that not all machines will be able to run version 11 when it arrives later this year.

Microsoft Windows 11 might Not be Compatible with Some Older PCs

While Microsoft says people with Windows 10 will be able to upgrade for free, not every PC will be compatible. For instance, Microsoft’s own Surface Studio 2 won’t be able to run Windows 11. However, some older models will be able to upgrade, so it’s unclear precisely which hardware will make the cut and which will not. Although, even some equipment ostensibly unsupported could still potentially run Windows 11.

Windows PC owners with older models that aren’t explicitly supportive of Windows 11 can possibly upgrade to the new OS. But, it won’t be a simple process and it’s not even guaranteed to work at all. Some hardware will require executing a Windows 11 ISO file. In other words, it’s likely devices that won’t enjoy seamless switch-over will require a total wipe and complete beginning to end installation of Windows 11.

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