September 22, 2022
Microsoft Word AI document composition

Microsoft is Working on a New Document Composition AI Tool to Help People Improve their Work

Software giant Microsoft is in the process of building a new AI writing improvement tool, which helps users with more than just simple grammar…

Microsoft is ready to go up against Grammarly and Google in a big way. The company is reportedly working an Ideas feature for the online version of Word to offer grammar suggestions and more.

Microsoft Word AI Document Composition Technology under Development

The new Microsoft Word AI document composition tool will go beyond just simple grammar correction suggestions. It will recommend ways to rewrite phrases in order to improve concision and clarity.

This feature would give users the ability to compose documents which are more to-the-point and require less time to read.

Additionally, the technology could also help to measure read time, pull key points out of a document, and explain acronyms to those unfamiliar with the nomenclature.

Meanwhile, a Word Designer option would assist writers in putting together style tables and more.

Microsoft expects to introduce the tools sometime this June and expand it to everyday users in the fall.

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