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Microsoft’s New Chromium-Powered Edge Browser is Now the Second-Most Popular

Microsoft's New Chromium-Powered Edge Browser Reaches Second in Market Share

Credit: ZDNet

Microsoft debuted its Chromium-baked Edge browser in January and just a few months later, it’s now the second-most popular choice…

Microsoft has long struggled with its browsers, including Internet Explorer, in the age of Google Chrome. According to Net Market Share, both Edge and IE have lingered behind Chrome and Firefox for quite some time. But now, that’s apparently changing, with the release of the new Chromium-powered Edge browser.

Microsoft’s New Chromium-Powered Edge Browser Reaches Second in Market Share

The newly redesigned Microsoft Edge browser, built on Chromium technology, now claims the second-most market share. (At least for the moment.) It’s just slightly outperformed Firefox, 7.6 percent to 7.2 percent, respectively. However, this is still far behind Chrome’s impressive lead of nearly 68 percent.

For more context, Internet Explorer has 6.97 percent, with Safari claiming about 3.62 percent. Opera is at 1.4 percent, and the Russian Yandex web browser is only 0.9 percent.

The ascent of Edge isn’t that surprising, given Microsoft addressed a number of its shortfalls from previous versions. It’s faster, more compatible, supports a good number of extensions, and it has an advantage of being Window’s default browser. 

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