November 3, 2022
Microsoft's PC Health Check App Warns about Unsupported Hardware for Windows 11

Windows 11 will Run on Older PCs but Might Require Users to Sign a Waiver

Microsoft recently reinstated its PC Health Check app, which tells computer owners if their gear is ready for Windows 11, but there’s a catch…

Microsoft previously pulled its PC Health Check app but now it’s back and available for use. Installing and running it will tell PC owners if their hardware is able to run Windows 11. After all, not all machines have the same level of equipment and certain computers won’t be able to run Windows 11. However, quite a few PCs will be able to run the new operating system. But, even machines that can support it might not make Microsoft’s whitelist.

Microsoft’s PC Health Check App Warns about Unsupported Hardware for Windows 11

Microsoft’s PC Health Check app is apparently flagging at least some computers, despite the fact they’re equipped with hardware that more than meets the standards. For example, The Verge reports that a “perfectly good 7th-gen Core i7 desktop gaming PC isn’t ready for Windows 11.” This, after the new OS is already installed and running without any issues on the very same PC.

What’s more, machines that aren’t totally compliant with all of Windows 11 needs won’t be excluded from running the operating system that’s scheduled to debut on October 5th. Though, Microsoft will require owners of machines that don’t technically support Windows 11 to sign a waiver that warns running the OS might cause actual damage. And, those individuals will not receive any future updates.

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