June 16, 2021
Microsoft's Project Latte Seeks Android App Support on Windows

Microsoft is Attempting to Run Android Apps Directly on Windows Machines

Project Latte by Microsoft has a goal to run Android apps right on Windows-powered computers, but there are some limitations to the support…

Earlier this year, software giant Microsoft started to introduce new features for its Your Phone app. It enabled tighter integration between select Android and Windows devices. Now, it looks like the company has grander plans. Instead of just providing a way to mirror apps across screens, Microsoft aims to make it possible to run Android apps right on Windows machines.

Microsoft’s Project Latte Seeks Android App Support on Windows

The initiative is called Project Latte. And the goal of the team is to give developers the ability to offer their Android apps on Windows 10. Supposedly, this will be made possible by utilizing the Windows Subsystem for Linux with an additional Android layer running on top of it. However, this won’t work for every Android application. For instance, any of those relying on Google Play Services to work won’t be supported. (Unless developers remove their dependencies.)

While this is certainly a nifty option, it isn’t necessarily an easy one to accomplish. After all, it took Google — one of the leading names in tech — years to get Android apps to properly run on Chrome OS (and Google owns both).

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