May 20, 2022
Microsoft's Retirement of Internet Explorer Pushes Edge above Mozilla's Firefox

Internet Explorer’s Demise is Pushing Edge into New Popular Territory with This Milestone

Microsoft’s killing off Internet Explorer is starting to pay real dividends as its replacement, Edge, hits a new milestone in market share…

The retirement of Internet Explorer and cross-platform availability of Edge is beginning to bring a return on investment for Microsoft. As the company leaves its legacy browser in favor of its newly rebuilt and Chromium-powered Edge, there’s a shift in market share which is taking a real toll on rival Mozilla’s Firefox portal. This, according to fresh data from Statcounter, which demonstrates how things are playing out on the internet.

Microsoft’s Retirement of Internet Explorer Pushes Edge above Mozilla’s Firefox

Presently, Edge holds a 3.08% market share, which is right on the heels of Firefox, the third-most popular browser, that holds 3.77% at this time. While this isn’t a threat to Google’s Chrome — which remains the most popular at 63.38% market share — it’s certainly cause for alarm for the folks over at Mozilla. The news gets better for Microsoft when mobile browsers aren’t part of the equation. In desktop, Edge leaps to 7.75% over Firefox.

Meanwhile, Net Market Share has similar numbers. It ranks Chrome at the top with 68.7% market share, while Firefox is a distant second with 8.03% and Edge right behind at 7.03 market share. That’s a real demonstration of how much Microsoft’s new approach is appealing to consumers.

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