November 3, 2022
malware-infected Android apps

Malware-Infested Android Apps Used these Devious Tactics to Solicit Millions of Downloads

Malware-laden Android apps are a big problem in the Google Play Store and now, more have been discovered by security firm Symantec…

Just two weeks ago, Google had to banish two-dozen malware-infested apps from its Play Store. Prior to that, the company was found to host more than two-hundred more containing malware with 32 million downloads. Last November, it was the same story, with a dozen apps with over 500,000 installs.

Now, it’s happened yet again. Google recently removed 25 additional apps from its Play Store after security firm Symantec discovered the software shared similar malicious code structure.

Millions Installed Malware-Infested Android Apps because of these Shifty Tactics

In the latest example of malware-infested Android apps, users were plagued by full-screen advertisements, while also hiding the apps’ icons.

The ads shown don’t indicate which app is triggering them and even if the malicious app is closed, it doesn’t stop the ads from appearing. It also makes it virtually impossible to determine where the ads are coming from in the first place.

The nefarious developers publish two versions of the same app. One is benign and the other contains malware. This is done to fool people. So, when they search for one, there’s a 50/50 chance they will download the harmful one.

What’s more, the programming behind the apps is not hard-coded. Instead, these use remote switches within the configuration files. This trick allows the bad apps to circumvent Google’s security testing.

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