September 21, 2021
Minecraft hits 112 million monthly players

Believe It or Not, Minecraft Now Boasts 112 Million Players per Month

Minecraft now claims 112 million monthly players, a sizable user-ship, but still less than Fortnite, which boasts over 250 million…

Although Fortnite currently holds the title as one of the most played video games, its competition is also performing quite well. According to Microsoft’s Helen Chiang, rival Minecraft now has 112 million monthly players. This includes gamers accessing from all platforms.

Minecraft Hits 112 Million Players per Month

There are a few reasons for this surprise popularity coming from a game that’s nearly a decade old. While others become fads and fade, Minecraft exhibits amazing staying-power, to the chagrin of elementary-aged school children.  

But, it’s likely key to longevity resides in different factors, such as being appealing to that particular age group — particularly boys.

Then, there’s the fact it’s not a space hog. It just doesn’t require huge resources to run it. Which means it’s accessible through a wide variety of devices.

However, all of this doesn’t make it immune to the passage of time. Microsoft needs to keep it fresh and relevant. And, like games also pose a threat, such as Roblox, which recently surpassed 100 million monthly players.

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