Google Finally Adds a Date-Range Filter to its Mobile Search Interface

mobile Google search date-range filters appear

Credit: Business Insider

Google has finally brought a date range filtering option to its search portal on mobile, but it’s still limited in its functionality…

One of the more handy features of Google search for desktop is the ability to filter by date. The time-centric option includes several choices, including Any time, Past hour, Past 24 hours, Past week, Past month, Past year, as well as Custom range. Now, the search giant has finally brought (nearly) the same tool to mobile — which lacked it until now.

Mobile Google Search Date-Range Filter Appears

The new Google mobile app now contains a date-range filter, something that it’s long lacked. It’s tucked over to the far right side of the vertical menu bar, where other filters appear, like Videos, News, Images, Maps, Books, and more, under Search Tools.

Tapping on the latter or Search Tools, triggers two more options: Any Time and All Results. Selecting Any Time opens horizontal menu with six options: Any time, Past hour, Past 24 hours, Past week, Past month, and Past year. Meanwhile, All Results are split between All Results and Verbatim.

However, what’s conspicuous by its absence is there is no custom date range option, like there is on desktop search. But, Google could add that option in the future — though there’s no official word on whether it will or not.

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