July 3, 2022
mobile-only 3 dollar per month Netflix plan expands to Thailand and the Philippines

Netflix is Expanding its Super Cheap, $3 per Month Mobile-Only Streaming Plan to Two more Countries

Netflix debuted a very affordable mobile streaming plan early last year and then expanded it; now it’s rolling out to two additional markets…

It’s certainly no secret Netflix offers a lot of content for a relatively low price. With thousands of titles, it’s a treasure-trove of on-demand entertainment.

But, the streaming service has continually raised its subscription rates over the past few years, which cost between $8.99 per month, $12.99 per month, and $15.99 per month. It’s doing so to support not just the third-party licensing fees, but also, its 55 original series, movies, and specials for the month of March 2020.

Fortunately, Netflix offers a incredibly cheap alternative for only $3 per month. However, the plan is only available in India (along with Malaysia). And, it’s about to roll out in two more countries, although it will probably never make it to the United States.

Mobile-Only $3 per Month Netflix Plan Expands to Thailand and the Philippines

Netflix’s mobile-only streaming plan for a mere $3 per month might have gotten its start in India, but it’s proven worthwhile enough to bring it to additional markets. While it’s not going to be available in Europe or in North (or South) America, it will come to Thailand and the Philippines for 99 Thai baht per month and 149 Philippine pesos per month.

Of course, both these rates work out to approximately $3 per month, making it among the most affordable streaming entertainment sources on the entire planet. 

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