August 6, 2022
Google home services ads

Mobile Search Google Home Services Ads Trial Spotted

Google home services ads briefly appeared in mobile search, a strong indication the company will move GHS into a beta program…

Search giant Google is running a temporary trial of its proprietary Google Home Services ads on mobile devices. Recently, searches for skilled trade service providers returned GHS ads in San Francisco and Sacramento during October. However, the cards disappeared in November, indicating limited, preliminary testing.

Google Home Services Ads Popped Up on the Mobile Platform only to Disappear

Insiders are mum about the company’s plans but it seems certain Google Home Services ads will go into beta and possibly roll out after the New Year. The desktop version of GHS has run for more than a year in parts of California, near the company’s home campus.

Google home services ads example
Credit: Search Engine Watch, Andy Favell

Although desktop GHS ads look strikingly similar to Google My Business listings, there are three distinctions: GHS ads are sponsorships, each contractor is Pinkerton Corporate Risk Management verified, and Google guarantees some services.

The desktop version has expanded, covering nearly all of Sacramento. In addition, the number of trades increased from just locksmiths and plumbers to handymen, interior painters, house cleaners, garage door techs, electricians, and HVAC professionals. A commonality between mobile and desktop GHS ads is these appear at the very top of search results, without GMB listings or the “three pack.”

Google might be exploring a new revenue stream, as GHS ads are sponsored and SEM ads account for 50 percent of digital earnings.

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