July 23, 2021
Google Express stores

New Google Express Stores Explode in Number amidst Online Retail Growth

A new slew of Google Express stores open, with a whole lot more likely on the way, as online retail shopping enjoys rapid growth…

Google continues to push into the retail market space with an ongoing battle against Amazon. It’s most definitely an uphill fight, given the fact that Amazon is synonymous with online shopping. It its efforts to expand its e-commerce footprint, the search engine is signing up a ton of new partners. In fact, there are dozens joining the tech corporation.

More New Google Express Stores Open Online

Google Express, also known as Google Shopping Express, is an online shopping service. For those who are unfamiliar, Google Express is a shopping app, which allows users to shop products from various retailers and then, have all their goods delivered at one time. If users meet minimum ordering requirements, there’s no delivery fee and products arrive in one to three days.

Now, if this sounds a lot like Amazon, that’s because it mostly is just that. However, this new slew of partners doesn’t include any major new retailers. And, the new partners aren’t all regional-specific stores.

Google Shopping Express
Credit: Google

Here’s a list Google provides of its new Express partners: