January 18, 2022
Google Photos movie editor

Google Photos Releasing a More Friendly, Powerful Movie Editor

A more user-friendly and powerful Google Photos movie editor is about to hit in the upcoming version for Android devices…

Google Photos introduced a greatly improved video editor to iOS last year. It provided iPhone and iPad users with a plethora of tools, including basic features to work with multiple source content. And now, it’s coming to Android devices.

More Powerful Google Photos Movie Editor Rolling Out

The new Google Photos movie editor replaces the black background with a white one. The previous UI displayed clips and images in a bottom carousel, centering the main video in vertical orientation. Now, the improved version places the primary content up top, while stacking selections below.

Most conspicuous is the lessened time it takes to make adjustments to clip length. The old interface required users to open each individual clip and make time edits. Not, it’s all in one section — using sliders for easier editing.

As before, users can reposition clips or rearrange clips by long pressing and dragging and dropping. The new Google Photos movie editor brings with it a bunch of new tools. Some include: moving a clip up or down in the overall timeline, showing or hiding unused clip portions, audio muting, new clip insertion, clip duplication, and deletion. Like the previous version, music can easily be added with the touch of an icon.

However, the newest version, like its predecessors, doesn’t support special filters (think Instagram or Snapchat). And, it’s missing a text tool, along with the absence of other overlays. Google Photos does support adding many types of media, though. The new Google Photos movie editor is currently rolling out in the latest iteration.

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