December 2, 2021
Snapchat ads

More Snapchat Ads Coming to the Platform, Thanks to Snap Publisher, a Self-Serve Ad Tool

Snapchat ads are about to get more numerous on the popular mobile app, courtesy of a new self-serve ad tool just launched called Snap Publisher…

Snap Inc. just introduced a new ad build tool for brands to inundate users with advertising exposure. Under pressure to deliver ahead of its second quarter earnings report, coming August 10th, the company rolled out an easy-to-use self-serve ad tool called Snap Publisher.

More Snapchat Ads Coming to the App, with the Roll Out of Snap Publisher, a Self-Serve Ad Tool

Expecting signs of growth from the Snap Inc., the market wants more user engagement, which equals increased revenue. To encourage brands to spend more on digital advertising, this straightforward option is now available globally. (Previously, only select markets had access.)

Brands just sign in with their credentials to access a variety of templates, complete with styles and options. Goals include “Drive Installs,” “Drive Traffic,” “Drive Views,” and “Grow Awareness.”

Once a brand selects a template, content can then be uploaded, which includes video, logo, and tagline. The ad preview provides a frame-by-frame look to optimize the presentation. After completion, brands can opt to export their ads to Ad Manager or to use third-party tools to edit further.

The move comes as investors and experts doubt the company’s ability to monetize its flagship product. For instance,¬†Morgan Stanley recently downgraded Snap Inc. stock, citing slow monetization progress. “We have been wrong about SNAP’s ability to innovate and improve its ad product this year (improving scalability, targeting, measurability, etc.) and user monetization as it works to move beyond ‘experimental’ ad budgets into larger branded and direct response ad allocations.”

Whether the company is successful with this product offering or not, it’s likely more Snapchat ads will soon become part of the user experience.

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