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Over Half of Local Business Websites Earn Under 500 Visits per Month, Study Reveals

over half of local business websites earn under 500 visits per month

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Local business websites receive far fewer monthly visitors than thought, according to a new study of Google Analytics data…

A new study of Google Analytics data finds local business sites receive an average of 414 monthly visits, with 50 percent of traffic originating from organic search.

BrightLocal analyzed Google Analytics data from 11,000 local business sites to establish trends and set benchmarks.

More than Half of SMB Websites get Less than 500 Monthly Visitors

The company discovered SMB sites or small business websites, did not perform nearly as well as expected. The local sites with most unique monthly visitors were in certain industries, including: car dealerships, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, and local stores.

Conversely, local business websites with the fewest unique monthly visitors performed very poorly. In fact, just 13 percent of local business sites received less than 100 unique monthly visitors. Meanwhile, just over 55 percent recorded under 500 unique monthly visitors.

Unfortunately the lowest performing websites were across many industries. 

Among the second-highest performing, 13 percent, received over 1,500 visitors per month. And, the highest, 15 percent, earned over 2,500 monthly visitors.

Local business websites earn 50 percent of their online traffic from organic search, with 37 percent arriving from direct search.

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