July 4, 2022
third-party Instagram AR filters

Instagram Users will Soon See more Third-Party AR Filters

A whole lot more third-party Instagram AR filters will begin to surface on the platform, thanks to a key policy change by parent company Facebook…

Facebook made a slew of announcements at its recent F8 conference. One piece of information which largely flew under the radar was a change in effects and filters.

More Third-Party Instagram AR Filters On the Way

Currently, the only Instagram camera effects available are proprietary. Meaning, they’re all developed in-house. But, parent company Facebook is opening up its Spark AR Studio tool to Instagram.

The bottom line is simple. This will allow more developers to create their own AR filters and effects. So, expect to see more from brands and others.

Such access will allow many more entities to build their own custom effects. Once built, creators can publish it to their Instagram profile or share it in a story. Followers can do the same, increasing the likelihood of viral content.

Every third-party AR effect will retain the creator’s credit, which could help brands and others pick-up more followers.

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