June 18, 2021
Google Should I searches

Here are the Most Popular ‘Should I?’ Google Searches, Broken Down State by State

The most popular Google Should I searches in a state-by-state comparison, involve dieting, voting, texting, moving, and a few more common queries…

At the end of every year, we’ve all come to expect those look-backs at what unfolded through the previous twelve months. These include memories, like Facebook’s Year in Review, which users eagerly share, and even recent events, like the most hated YouTube video of all time.

Add to the laundry list Netflix’s most binged shows of 2018 and one that’s a bit more unconventional. AT&T tapped into data from Google Trends and found the most searched “Should I” queries of the year, going state-by-state.

Most Popular Google ‘Should I?’ State by State Searches Revealed

The research revealed some surprises, along with a few of-course-type conclusions:

“‘Should I vote’ was the most-popular question in seven states, which isn’t surprising, given the exciting races in many areas. Indiana and Michigan, on the other hand, are more concerned with the other four-letter v-word: vape.”

In regard to methodology, here’s how all the data was compiled:

“Using Google autocomplete, we looked at over 100 of the most popular Google search queries that start with the phrase ‘Should I…’. From there, we found the most distinct search for every state using Google trends data from the past year.”

Here’s the state-by-state map of Google “Should I?” searches for quick reference:Google Should I searches

Credit: Nawapon norkum

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