July 4, 2022
most used Facebook emoji

Most Used Facebook Emoji Shared by Mark Zuckerberg to Celebrate World Emoji Day

To help celebrate World Emoji Day, CEO Mark Zuckerberg published a chart, showing the most used Facebook emoji users choose around the world…

Yes, World Emoji Day is real and Mark Zuckerberg is helping his social network’s users to celebrate with a simple chart depicting the most used Facebook emoji. The chart, does not reveal actual number data but does illustrate which are most often used, as well as the emoji which are most popular in ten different countries. 

Most Used Facebook Emoji Shared by Mark Zuckerberg in Celebration of World Emoji Day

Taking first place in the most used Facebook emoji is the laughing with tears animation, with heart-eyes emoji coming in second. Countries listed as being the most popular for specific emoji are the United States, Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Thailand, and Indonesia.

most used Facebook emoji chart
Credit: Facebook

There is no corresponding number data breakdown, only a basic chart showing which emoji are the most used on the platform and which are “especially popular” in each of the ten selected countries.

The social network officially now has 2 billion monthly active users, which it celebrated with its signature Facebook Good Adds up video. The company recently started testing several features, including a built-in Facebook camera GIF maker, as well as an alternative feed, called Explore Feed, which currently appears in the main navigation menu.

The latter option produces a custom feed based on a user’s already liked content and followed pages. Its aim is to help users find content based on their interests from sources they do not follow on the platform.

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