July 4, 2022
MoviePass Co-Founder Stacy Spikes Announces Summer App Relaunch

ICYMI: MoviePass is Making a Comeback this Summer, but this Time, with a Few Key Changes

MoviePass will make its return this summer, according to co-founder Stacy Spikes, and won’t have the same people running it who ruined it…

MoviePass, a subscription-based movie ticketing platform, the now-defunct entertainment service, which allowed subscribers to purchase up to three movie tickets per month for a monthly fee, first debuted in beta in June 2011. It enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity. But, its business model and strategies forced it to file bankruptcy in late January of 2020. However, co-founder Stacy Spikes bought it back from the court in November 2021, and now, it’s scheduled to relaunch this summer.

MoviePass Co-Founder Stacy Spikes Announces App Summer Relaunch

The company’s original engineering team is returning for the business’s relaunch. Although, it won’t return in the same form. This time, MoviePass will run on tradable credits that roll over month to month. Subscribers will also be able to use their credits to bring a friend, a markedly different approach from the single-user card system that MoviePass used previously, which could prove annoying for non-cardholders.

The new version of MoviePass will work on a tiered system, which will vary based on things like peak moviegoing hours. Spikes also shared the company’s subscription goals, which are very ambitious, seeking to attain 30% of the moviegoer market by 2030.

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