October 23, 2021
Mozilla disables hundreds of Firefox add-ons

Mozilla Joins Google, Disables Hundreds of Firefox Browser Add-Ons over Abuse, Security Issues

Mozilla has followed Google in banning hundreds of add-on extensions from its Firefox browser, over abuse, security, and privacy concerns…

Just recently, Google took the extraordinary step of banning all premium or paid apps from the Chrome Web Store. Now, Mozilla is taking aggressive steps to protect its Firefox users from potential abuse, security vulnerabilities, and privacy issues.

Mozilla Disables Hundreds of Firefox Add-Ons

Mozilla has disabled a total of 197 Firefox add-ons for a number of policy violations. These include such tactics as remote code-execution, as well as harvesting user data. The company removed the suspect programs from its official Mozilla Add-On portal or AMO. Additionally, the company has disabled all pre-existing installs.

This marks the first time the two organizations have taken such steps. Generally, they rely on their proprietary protections to ensure developer-submitted programs comply with their standards. However, some applications make into the stores, being able to obfuscate the protocols.

Chrome and Firefox offer users access to a number of helpful browser extensions or add-ons. These can perform such operations as blocking ads, checking discount codes, or rendering pages in plain text. Some developers disguise their real intentions, concealing malicious code behind legitimate code in order to pass scrutiny.

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