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Mozilla’s Privacy-Centric Browser, Firefox Focus, Now includes Search Suggestions

Mozilla Firefox Focus browser redesign search suggestions

The Mozilla Firefox Focus browser redesign now triggers search suggestions, previously toggled off by default, due to its privacy restrictions…

Team Mozilla has released a refreshed look for its privacy-guarding browser, Firefox Focus for iOS 12 and Android Pie, Google’s newest mobile operating system. Both versions adapt to each of the mobile apps. For example, in iOS 12, menus sport more rounded corners. For Android Pie, the interface boasts a customized URL bard, along with a more simplistic settings menu. And, both also include tips on how to use the browser on the home screen. But, perhaps the most noticeable change is key phrase suggestions.

Mozilla Firefox Focus Browser Redesign Now Surfaces Search Suggestions

Now, when Firefox Focus users on iOS 12 or Android Pie begin typing, it triggers search suggestions. This is quite conspicuous considering the entire idea behind Firefox Focus is its built-in, enhanced privacy. However, now search suggestions are available, but come switched off by default. Meaning users don’t have to give up their privacy and provide search engines with data.

To turn it on, simply go into Settings and enable the feature. Apple users can switch it on through Siri shortcuts. On iOS, just set and open a favorite website, then launch the browser.

The updated version of Firefox Focus is now available on iTunes and Google Play.

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