August 8, 2022
Mozilla Firefox Focus

Mozilla Firefox Focus Private Web Browser Android App Debuts

The Mozilla Firefox Focus private web browser Android app, previously only on iOS, finally arrives, giving its mobile users some additional functionality…

More than a half-year ago, Firefox introduced a new mobile private web browser iOS app. By default, it blocks ad trackers, optionally erases browsing history, passwords, and cookies. Now, the Firefox Focus Android app makes its first appearance.

Mozilla Firefox Focus Private Web Browser Android App Rolls Out

The Mozilla Firefox Focus mobile browser is minimalistic, with very few configurations and customizations. Designed to conduct quick searches, direct URL visits, this browser works without recording users’ sessions or tracking activity.

The Mozilla Firefox Focus mobile web browser Android app features Yahoo as its search engine with very few tabs. There is no customization option to set another search engine as the default. Users can opt to disable its built-in tracker blocker because some sites will not properly load when enabled. Another feature for Android, which isn’t included in iOS, is an ad tracker counter.

The mobile native app also sends push notifications to remind users to erase their search histories. The Mozilla Firefox Focus can also be set as the default browser on mobile devices. And, it does support off-network functionality. So, users can read articles on sites, even when using popular apps like Facebook.

The Firefox browser continues to lose out to Chrome, which dominates browser market share. Currently, the Chrome desktop browser claims 59.36 percent of market share, while Firefox accounts for just 11.98 percent. Internet Explorer garners 17.55 percent, with Microsoft Edge capturing only 5.63 percent, Safari 3.56 percent, and all remaining 1.91 percent.

Android users can find the new mobile web browser app in the Google Play store as a free download.

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