May 20, 2022
Mozilla Firefox has Lost Nearly 50 Million Users Since 2018

Mozilla’s Firefox Browser Continues to Lose Users to Chrome, Edge

Mozilla Firefox once held a substantial internet browser market share, but has lost almost 50 million users in just the last three years…

Mozilla’s once popular web browser, Firefox, keeps suffering from shrinking market share. This, after hitting a near peak in usage, according to the company’s own Public Data Report, first spotted by Reddit user nixcraft. Mozilla still has 198 million active monthly users, but that’s almost twenty percent lower than just three years ago, when the browser claimed 244 million in 2018. Over that time, the internet portal has lost 46 million users.

Mozilla Firefox has Lost Nearly 50 Million Users Since 2018

The Mozilla product once enjoyed around 30 percent of all browser usage back in 2008, about thirteen years ago. (At that same time, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer dominated the market with an impressive 60 percent.) Now, Firefox sits at merely 3.45 percent, while the replacement for IE, or Edge, stands at 3.41 percent. Chrome is the most popular, with approximately 65.13 percent, according to statcounter. (Meanwhile, Safari claims 18.64 percent, while Samsung has 3.13 percent, and Opera 2.13 percent.)

Although Firefox’s privacy focus, its suite of tools, and speed, certainly make it attractive, it simply can’t compete with Google. Chrome now boasts faster load times, easier access to other products within its ecosystem, G Suite adaption, and being the default browser on Android. So, it’s no wonder why Chrome has the largest market share.

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