May 20, 2022
Mozilla might Replace Google as the Default Search Engine with Bing on Firefox

Mozilla is Conducting a Risky Experiment with its Firefox Browser Right Now

Mozilla is studying how a very small percentage of its Firefox browser users react to running searches through Bing, instead of Google…

Mozilla is doing the unthinkable. The tech company is running a test that affects 1% of desktop users and will continue for several months, probably wrapping up some time in January of next year. Rather than processing searches through Google, Firefox will run queries through Microsoft’s Bing search engine. It’s a very bold move and one that could payoff but it’s unknown if the change will be welcomed by users.

Mozilla might Replace Google as the Default Search Engine with Bing on Firefox

The very fact Mozilla is considering a switch to Microsoft Bing comes as somewhat of a surprise. Particularly given the extraordinarily lucrative deal the company already holds with Google. (Something that has historically accounted for more than three-quarters of Mozilla’s annual revenue.) This could be part of the company’s plan to build out new streams of revenue. But, giving up on the agreement with Google is a risky proposition.

This could be due to Mozilla’s new focus on customer privacy since Google is not excelling in that area. A prime example is the company’s distancing itself from Google’s plans to reform the digital advertising industry, which it says are fundamentally flawed.

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