October 20, 2021
Mozilla Replaces Browser Notification Requests in Firefox with a Less Intrusive Address Bar Speech Bubble

Mozilla Brings an Abrupt End to those Super-Annoying Notification Requests with this Clever Alternative

Mozilla, the company behind internet browser Firefox, has introduced a new way to deal with website notification requests…

Everyone who has been online has encountered notification requests. (Those little dialog boxes that pop up asking for permission to send messages when new content goes live.)

The Firefox internet browser now sports a smart new way to deal with them — replacing the interruptions with a much less intrusive speech bubble in the address bar.

Mozilla Replaces Browser Notification Requests in Firefox with a Subtle Address Bar Speech Bubble

Firefox already includes an option of blocking website notification requests. But now, Mozilla has gone a step further by replacing them altogether.

Instead of those aggravating interruptions, the latest version of Firefox, build 72, changes them to an understated speech bubble in the address bar. Users will still be able to access notifications but it won’t halt browsing sessions suddenly any longer.

Additionally, the internet browser also includes a new improvement for the privacy-minded. It blocks fingerprinting scripts by default for all of its users. With this tool in-place, it will make assigning unique profiles to people by websites tracking them around the web.

Also, the latest iteration of the Firefox browser adds a picture-in-picture video playback option for Mac and Linux.

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