May 20, 2022
Mozilla Sunsetting Firefox Send and Notes in November

Mozilla will Say Goodbye to These Two Lesser-Known Tools in November

Mozilla will soon do away with two of its experimental features, Firefox Send and Notes, this November after a few bad experiences…

Internet company Mozilla will shut down two of its more obscure products later this year. The first, Firefox Send, is a tool introduced in 2017. It allowed users to share encrypted files. Though Firefox Send was generally well-liked, but a bit under-adopted, among the browsers’ users, the company cites a few problematic instances in which some bad apples ruined the bunch. This, after Firefox discovered malicious actors used Send to carry out phishing attacks and ship malware.

Mozilla Sunsetting Firefox Send and Notes in November

Firefox, after finding the devious schemes, shut the tool down. The company stated at the time it would reinstate it, but now, will permanently abandon it. Mozilla explains, “In the intervening period, as we weighed the cost of our overall portfolio and strategic focus, we made the decision not to relaunch the service.” But, Send isn’t the only service being scuttled.

Mozilla will also discontinue Firefox Notes. As the name describes, this is a note-taking extension that also serves as a syncing service. Users that already have the extension installed, will receive a notice to prompt them to export their content.

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