September 15, 2022
Mozilla Thunderbird email client

Mozilla Commits to Improving Thunderbird, its In-House Email Client, to Speed it Up and include Better Gmail Support

The Mozilla Thunderbird email client needs some TLC and the digital company promises to deliver, including making it faster and improving Gmail support…

Although Thunderbird, the email client of Mozilla isn’t nearly as popular as Gmail, it still boasts a sizable user base. Part of this is due to the fact that Mozilla dedicates far more of its resources to its Firefox browser. But, for the new year, users will soon enjoy speedier service and a better looking application, community manager Ryan Snips announced in a blog post.

Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client Performance Improvements Announced

This is welcome news, considering its past relationship with Mozilla. Only a few years ago, Mozilla broke off its technical infrastructure from the email service in 2015. Although, changes came and Mozilla eventually decided to keep it proprietary. As a result, Thunderbird has eight full-time staffers with six more coming in the near future.

On the agenda for 2019 are performance improvements which include making the tool run faster and other welcome changes. Another is to incorporate modern processors through a multi-process version.

Moreover, the Thunderbird interface will receive some updates, better notifications, along with improved support for Gmail integration. (Currently, many of Gmail’s proprietary features do not work with Thunderbird.)

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