May 27, 2022
MTN Now Offering Apple Music Free with New Subscription Plan

Get Apple Music for Free, just By Doing this Simple Thing

Wireless carrier MTN is offering Apple Music free of charge the successor to iTunes, with certain phone plans…

MTN, formerly M-Cell, a wireless carrier providing phone service in many African, European and Asian countries, has teamed up with Apple to give customers free access to Apple Music, the next generation of iTunes. Depending on the subscription plan, customers will receive up to six months of access to the music streaming platform at no charge.

MTN Now Offering Apple Music Free with New Subscription Plan

The new MTN-Apple Music deal isn’t just for contract customers, either. All prepaid wireless customers who haven’t used Apple Music before will receive three free months, as well. Meanwhile, post-paying customers on MTN Sky, MTN Sky VIP, and Sky Black plans will receive six months for free.

For those unfamiliar, Apple Music is the streaming service that debuted as the next iteration on iTunes. It differs from its predecessor, a music library where people paid for each individual song, instead offering a monthly subscription plan. This makes it a lot less expensive and less inconvenient. Plus, the Apple Music catalog contains a whopping 60 million tracks, which subscribers can enjoy without any ad interruptions. Moreover, listeners can download their favorite tunes for offline play.

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