September 21, 2021
MySpace users private DMs read by employees

Report: MySpace Employee Read Users’ Private DMs in the Mid-2000s

MySpace employees had access to users’ passwords and messages and reportedly read private direct messages during the mid-2000s…

For the majority, MySpace is a forgotten social site of a bygone era. Today, with Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter, it’s simply passe.

But, MySpace once claimed over 100 million users back in the early 2000s. And, its employees might have read users’ private DMs at the time.

MySpace Users’ Private DMs Read by Employees in the Mid-2000s

A recent news report reveals MySpace employees used an in-house tool called “Overlord,” to look at users’ passwords and messages.

The program Overlord was designed for use as a moderation tool and to use for data requests from authorities. However, it appears some employees at the social site used it to snoop through users’ messages.

Hemanshu Nigam, Myspace’s Chief Security Officer from 2006 to 2010, said the following about the revelation:

“Every company has it. Whether it’s for dealing with abuse, or responding to law enforcement or civil requests, or for managing a user’s account because they’re raising some type of issue with it.”

Of course, this ought to serve as a reminder what users post and send through these platforms is never truly private.

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