November 4, 2022
native desktop Pandora Mac app

Pandora Releases a New Native Mac App for Desktop, with Windows coming Soon

Music streaming service Pandora has unveiled its native desktop app for MacOs, with Windows to come soon, for even more ways to listen…

Pandora has debuted a new portal for Mac computer owners. Now, it’s possible to access their content through a new Mac desktop app. And, Windows will have its own version, soon.

Native Desktop Pandora Mac App Rolls Out

Internet radio platform Pandora is finally bringing its interface to Mac machines. Plus, it doesn’t require opening another tab in a browser. Instead, people can download the new Mac app for Pandora and listen without fooling around with a browser.

Better yet, Pandora says it is including some great new features which are exclusive to the app. It will have keyboard playback controls, on-screen notifications, and controls for its new Pandora Modes feature:

“* Keyboard controls that let you play, pause, replay, skip, shuffle, or thumb up/down songs right from your computer keyboard.
* On-screen song notifications that graphically display the artists, albums, and song titles for the music that’s currently playing.
* App-based controls for our new Pandora Modes feature, which lets you customize the music you hear on your Pandora stations using selectable “modes” including Crowd Faves, Deep Cuts, Newly-Released, Artist Only, and more.”

What’s most striking is the fact the interface differs quite a bit from its mobile app competitors. It’s a spartan experience, focused on utility. 

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